The Company proud itself to produce Natural Products, as we believe after extensive research that the human body will accept and enhance natural products much more than any chemical based product. The challenge is obvious to compete with the chemical manufacturer and produce the same if not better quality product with better and quicker results with a more permanent result. By utilizing Ozone as our mainline carrier we are able to offer a far superior product with better but still 100% natural quality, our products also works on the principal that the more it is applied the better the results and the more permanent it becomes. The challenge has always been to rejuvenate the human cells, this can be achieved with much more success by using Ozone as we work with Oxygen and it is a known fact that any human body cell will react better and faster with natural oxygen. In our application we utilize the Oxygen moleculeO2 with an ozone generator to give us the third moleculeO3, this is commonly known as Ozone gas. All our products are put through this process and therefore we achieve results, as ozone on its own is very powerful, and its usage is recognized worldwide even in Hospital Theatres and in all Dentists rooms. By utilizing this process we are unique and can offer our clients a far superior product. We would like to welcome you to Ozone Wellness and we are looking forward to start this journey with you.